Dec. 27th, 2016

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I know there's fic EVERYWHERE (including 2 of my own!) with recent postings from reversebang and spn_j2_xmas, but here's a rec of 5 fics I've enjoyed reading (yeah some are old haha)

Love Letters by [ profile] riyku
God is love, but Satan does that thing you like with his tongue.
MAAAAAAAN. This was absolutely gorgeous in every way possible.
The Bride Wore Champagne by [ profile] stripytights
Jensen writes up weddings, and Jared takes pictures. This one is slightly different.
This was such a fun read, sexy and full of pining idiot boys :D
Got Him on His Knees Like Religion by [ profile] kelleigh
Jared doesn’t need Jensen’s employment contract to deduce that his driver served in the military, or that his service to his country didn’t end there. If Jared had to guess, he’d venture that Jensen was recruited into specialized training. Something elite and way, way off the books. It’s written in his sharp reactions, evident in the way he can process scenarios and routes faster than any other driver Jared has used, not to mention his, at times, unnerving vigilance. These traits make Jensen a great driver. The fact that he’s a stoic bastard makes him Jared’s favorite driver.
Well written as always, and SO intense! Absolutely phenomenal :D
The Heart Must Yield by [ profile] deirdre_c
Jensen was just a common knight of the King's Guard, astonished to be named as Warden to young Jared, a cast-off son of one of the realm's great houses. Jared had been compelled to leave the monastery where he was stashed as a child to take on the title of Lord Padalecki after the unexpected death of his father. Jensen’s duty was to escort Jared to the royal court so that he could select a cousin from among the warring noble families to marry as a condition for his inheritance. Once they were enmeshed in the intrigues of the Court, Jensen realized he’d fallen unconscionably in love with his Ward. Yet while Jensen was bound by honor to urge Jared into the arms of another, it turned out Jared had other plans.
This had a slow build that kept you wanting more and was so well-crafted! Dei always leaves me smiling!
In Your Honor by [ profile] dugindeep
Jensen walked away from the Pan Pacific Defense Corps when it was at the height of its legacy. Five years later, the Kaijus are still a threat and the jaegers are still losing. But one last-ditch effort to save the world brings Jensen face to face with his two greatest loves: Chevy Violet, the machine that's kept him safe for half his life, and Jared Padalecki, the new Commander who's not ready to let Jensen back in.
Man, that banter and wit, and the way she builds such life into this story? SO MUCH YES.


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