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I've been...struggling, is one way to put it. I've had a ROUGH few months and I feel bad that every time I post, it's to complain, but I WILL be better. Mind over matter right?

Basically - I get sucked into comparing myself to other people all the time: better teachers, better people, better authors, better weight-losers, better friends, you get the point and that's only 1 part of the issue. I need to stop this self-flagellating cycle and figure out why I love ME. So yeah...going to try doing that. Already did something I'm not proud of today, but it's a process :/

I do adore you. I hope that hasn't lost all meaning. I adore the CRAP out of you. Yes you. If you're reading this, I love you. Because sometimes? That's all I need. An I love you. An I'm there for you. A fic for me. An icon for me. A pic sent my way. A drive by message. Just knowing that someone out there cares for me? Man...day made.

ANYWAY. I'm going to use this as my placeholder and to read posts newer than this at least every two days. I'm going to try and comment. I'm going to try and be more involved.
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