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So I've had a LOT going on lately
1. School/work kicking my butt (SO many emotions there I can't even tell you - just I need this school year to be over ngl)
2. I had the SPN Con 2 weeks ago (I like Misha a little bit more now, which is hilarious haha bc I thought that would never happen!) wherein I did the BOOP pose with Jared and the PUDDING pose with Jensen ♥_♥
3. I've been reading a bit more J2 fic which is fun but definitely reading more Stiles/Derek (whoops?)
4. I hit the 2 year anniversary of Dad's passing so this past weekend was no bueno
5. My emotions have been ALL OVER THE PLACE which sucks (I've actually been thinking about going into therapy...)

ANYWAY. This is my holding place to start catching up again (I'm like a month behind y'all!)

How are YOU doing? Have you done anything epic? Tell me something happy! Have you cooked anything delicious? Have you read anything fantastic? Have you written something that you're super proud of? Tell me! ♥♥♥

Look out for a rec post soon-ish. A lengthier one than last time I think...
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