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Jul. 6th, 2017 11:11 pm
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I think the job interview went fine. It wasn't a manufacturer, though, but a company providing various engineering services for manufacturers. So I'll only get a job with them if one of their customers wants me for a project. Once that happens, though, I'd get an infinite contract. Not sure whether I'd end up liking working from project to project instead of staying in one company, but it'd surely be a good opportunity to work in lots of different companies with different tools. Which would look very good on my CV.

I'm pondering taking a week off and do GISHWHES, according to Misha's newsletter it "may be the last iteration of GISHWHES-as-we-know-it". But I'm not very outgoing, and I don't know if doing GISHWHES would change that. Even if a lot of people claim that it has for them.
I actually have lots of vacation days left, because if you quit your job in the second half of a year, you're entitled to the full vacation days for the year.

I more or less spontaneously went to donate blood yesterday. I had seen some posters but hadn't been able to make out the date or place just driving by. Then a coworker talked about wanting to go after work. He ended up not going, but I did. I drank another liter of water in the hour before (the second that day), but the doctor said I should drink some more. I did, but guess what they had? Carbonated water! I don't know about the rest of the world, but I cannot drink a lot of carbonated anything in a short time.
Well, anyway, I was fine after, not a lick of dizzyness or anything, and they had salad and pizza and cake after. Saved me from worrying about dinner. :-)


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