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I just deleted a ranty post so let's get down to business :D


- I need photo op ideas because I see the boys in TWO WEEKS. On Valentine's Day no less!

- Been reading Stiles/Derek fic NONSTOP lately and I feel like I'm cheating on J2 :/ haha I STILL ADORE THEM!!! [like when they post pics of each other or you know mention the other] We have the cutest boys, guys.

- Did I mention I miss you? I need to revel in here a little more I know <3 And I also know I say that every time *facepalm*

done, son

Aug. 24th, 2015 04:52 am
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Also apparently Jensen wiped food off Jared at a double dinner date with wives

And both of them hugged a shaking fan [there's a YT vid already out I think]

Look at those KNEES

credit: fangasmspn

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UPDATED. sfdlkjsjf *collapses in heap* pretty pretty boys )
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love me? secret santa style!

♥ So..I haven't been feeling well since Thursday. Stuffy nose, coughing just started, congested as anything, the works. And I have lesson plans and stuff to do today. AWESOME.

♥ We're hosting a multicultural fair in school and each class is doing a country. Ours is Italy and I'm trying to think of fun ideas for the kids to do. They made chef's hats to wear on day of, so that's one so far.

♥ I have 2 weeks off starting Saturday! Too bad I have to do work during it, but yay a break! haha

♥ I know I owe people fic ([livejournal.com profile] poor_choices, you're at the top of that list!) and I hope to get to it during that break. I haven't forgotten, promise!

♥ Dallas Con is coming in September and I want to go to that too! But again, the driving thing (it's too far away and I don't drive that far...) Boo.

Ummm, I think that's it? Talk to me, guys! I miss you!!
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Okay so I'm still on the hunt for vids from LA Con 2011. I looked at the [livejournal.com profile] ontd_spnparty post and found these tweets:
@LauinLA Weirdest thing a fan's ever done: the people online who pretend to be their wives, people posing as them on facebook or twitter

@LauinLA What strokes Jared's ego is having an intelligent conversation with people about his work or his craft, not people imitating him.

@danielletbd A fan just asked the guys to name each others' first born...

@LauinLA Aloicious McNasty Ackles is what Jared thinks Jensen would call his kid. Jared's would be Jared 1, Jared 2 and Jared 3, Jensen thinks

@LauinLA Jared would like to see their characters going to Hawaii. They just like acting good material, not worried about the specifics.

@LauinLA Jensen: are you going to Jersey in July? Why don't you talk to me about these things?! Jared: you don't listen!

@LauinLA Jared got off the stage to hug a little girl, soooo adorbs. She called him Mr. Padalecki

@LauinLA Jared: that's probably the cutest thing that's ever happened to me.

@tbrick2 "It was actually maple syrup that was colored to look dark red. It was very gross." Jared on demon-blood

@acma18 #lacon Jensen and Jared knocked knuckles over a fan saying the hug last week was the best one yet.

@LauinLA There's fist-bumping going on. Jared jokes that he would now like to be addressed as Mr. Padalecki

I do not see ANY of this in vids. Actually quite a few more things if I go through the tweets. Any idea where I could? (Yes, I DID check the Wiki!)
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credit: ...i have NO clue :/

haha his FACE. credit: elehnsherrs on tumblr
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So I found out about the con this week. I knew it was coming, but didn't know it was so close haha

A couple of pics :D YAY TWITTER

My favorite:

credit - Jason Manns
(do want icon of this and epic hug please!)

more )

according to [livejournal.com profile] mrscutedean:
j2 panel j2 just hugged Jared went right for jensen
the hug: Jensen made the funniest excited face when Jared cuddled him,asked someone to email it
Jensen asked what song he'd release if he did a song he was all 'i don't know...' Jared: You DO...Born this Way!
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Jensen crashing Jim's panel to hug him

I seriously adore this cast and when this show ends? I'm gonna be the crazy person bawling in the streets.
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"Jared tackle hugging Jensen in the duo photo op when a fan said to Jensen "I'd hug you but you don't like hugs". - source

caitlynswanda Highlight of #LACon: Jared tackle hugging Jensen in the duo photo op when a fan said to Jensen "I'd hug you but you don't like hugs".

@debarouchi true! Some girl hugged Jared, but not Jensen saying she'd have hugged him but he didn't like hugs...Jensen sort of looked at her
@debarouchi like 'huh?.. I do so' and then Jared swooped in and gave him a huge hug. It was great!
@debarouchi he hugged him right back, big grin on his face, then shook his head and laughed a bit after. It was very nice.
@debarouchi I know, it happened right when we walked in the room for our J2 pic, it was a great moment

acma18 #lacon Jensen and Jared knocked knuckles over a fan saying the hug last week was the best one yet.

-C/P-ed from [livejournal.com profile] cloex_brosluvr

BRB DYING. We legit have the BEST boys EVER EVER EVER.
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Supernatural does Paleyfest 2011!

Oh the memories ♥♥♥

(IDK who all is going, but hopefully the boys do!!!)
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Watch this vid from 7:04-8:05. They make me REALLY happy. I love these boys so much. And Jared comes in and is being a dork and just boooooooooys.

Yes and no. I would say that if we weren’t as good friends as we were it probably would have been like, “What are you doing?” But it was all done very innocently and honestly. I was happy for him, he was happy for me. We’ve been working together this long, no wonder. I think that we’re on the same cycles now.


Why yes, I AM just catching up with comic con stuff! Next on my list, Vancouver Con.

ALSO. He talks about speed dating at the beginning and now I want SPEED DATING FIC! *waves hands* haha

(thank you for yesterday btw ♥♥ Means more than you can EVER know.)
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boys <3

Sep. 1st, 2010 06:45 pm
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Fan: “You two have really great chemistry together, like in the vein of Hope and Crosby, or Paul Newman and Robert Redford. So could you see yourselves doing a series of movies together, not just like oh we happen to be in the same movie, but seeking out some projects where you could work together or maybe even another tv show?”

Jensen: “Absolutely. I would hope so. To have a familiarity with another actor as much as we do with each other is a rare thing in this industry. You see it with Clooney and Pitt, or Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson, the Ben Stiller crowd, all those guys work together because they’re so familiar with each other and that’s very valuable in this industry.”


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1. Two gorgeous art recs:
Dean, Can You See Something by [livejournal.com profile] petite_madame
One of my favorite artists and she drew Gen Chibi's! SO SO SO CUTE OMG.
Dean/Neal Slash by [livejournal.com profile] dauntraws
It's a White Collar crossover and omg SO PRETTY. Dean looks ajkghkjafh as does Neal and just imagining the pretty is insane. This is why Matt Boner features in fics of mine now, because he's too pretty NOT to be Jensen's 'friend' in some way haha

2. A random rec: Gifts for the Geek Home. There are quite a few interesting things there ;)

3. What are your favorite moodthemes? Are there any White Collar ones? (Or Matt ones??) I want a Jared/Jensen/Danneel/Sophia/Austin/Matt one. That'd be awesome. Hahaha

4. Does anyone have this pic where there's a close up of the boys? It might be one of my favorite things from this con.

Thanks everyone. Have an AWESOME weekend! I plan to bake tomorrow, so I'll let you know how that goes ;)
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Funny Rising Con Moments:

They are my favorite. Ever. God, I adore them so much. (YES, I am slowly catching up to Rising Con. I fail I know haha)
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+ Then of course there is Jensen Ackles as The Red Hood, which is probably one of the strongest performances out of the entire film—really quite exceptional all around. review of 'Batman: Under the Red Hood'
I'm gonna admit, I'm going to buy this and listen to just his voice. I probably won't pay attention to anything else. *sighs* Stupid boys.

+ From NJ Con:
Fredric Lehne was there (The yellowed eyed demon) and he decided to tell us a lovely story when someone asked if Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki had ever played a prank on him, and he goes “Well you know they actually did!” and he goes on to tell us that on one of the last days he was there he opened up his trailer and found Jensen, Jared, and Misha. Completely naked (and oiled). In a heap on the floor. And I quote “You couldn’t tell where Jared ended and Misha began.” and he asked them what they were doing and Jensen apparently jumped up and said “UH - playing twister!” and then Jared jumped up and was like “Yeah twister!” and then they apparently asked him if he wanted to join them. So as he was taking of his shirt to join them he realized -“Hey you guys don’t have a twister mat - is this a prank?” and Jared said “Yeah! Yeah! This is a prank!” and then the three quickly left.

He told us though that if we were to tell Misha this story he’d probably deny it.

So of course - someone asked Misha at his Q&A and told him the story and he goes:

“No! No! That’s completely untrue! Don’t go spreading that around! That’s a lie! We don’t need a mat! We have the spots memorized!”

*laughs forever* source

+ Jared's turn! Uh before you look, spoilers for S6 hair? hahaha

He's so adorable and puppy like and AWESOME!!! *draws hearts* and the hair is growing on me haha


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