Mar. 24th, 2015 08:18 pm
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So [ profile] elless18 knows about this, but idk what's been going on with me, but I have ZERO motivation to do anything.

My students have a major state test coming up and I'm so impatient with them. We've been going over the same concept in tutorials and they still aren't getting it, remembering it, etc. I don't know what else to do and I'm on edge all the time. SIGH.

I wish I could do something about it and I don't know what to do, seriously /0\

Now that the ranting is over, how are YOU?
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But can I just say that watching what you eat SUCKS?! Especially in the holiday season. I just want ALL the salted caramel, gingerbread, peppermint, chocolate, white chocolate stuff. fsdlkjfsdlkjf SIGH.


Jul. 4th, 2014 03:00 pm
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Guys, I'm so sorry I've been neglecting you! Life has been kind of busy. I shall endeavor to be better :)

1. Have read ZERO big bangs. I probably won't get to for a few weeks to be honest :/ But any AMAZING recs that I should definitely find time for no matter what? (J2 please)

2. I FINISHED THE PORN CHALLENGE! If you were on Twitter, I've been complaining every night for the past 30 nights about this haha. Thanks to everyone there for listening to me whine ;) BUT I AM DONE. And man, I feel accomplished. I think last night's was one of my favorites haha. The entire unconnected series is here if you're interested :) I want a medal or badge of honor for this haha

3. I've been delving into the teacher blog world again so that's been taking up some time. Had a conference which gave me the oomph I'd been missing so hopefully I won't complain as much about my job!

4. I have also been going to religious classes and stuff and generally learning more about God and our holy book and everything. It's a good thing for me I think. It sucks that it took this long but I'm glad I'm learning now!

5. I have officially passed the 50 pound mark on weight loss! I'm almost halfway there and man, this has been an intense journey! I thank you for your thoughts and well-wishes and ears.

But seriously, I don't tell you all enough, but thank you. Thank you for being there with me, for cheering with me, for pouting with me, for making me feel better, for making me realize my faults, for generally being the most awesome buddies I could ask for. I adore you ♥
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Status of Anisa )
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Life has been hectic and crazy and hopefully with summer, I can finally catch up with everything. Let's give you a run down of the past few weeks:

1. My birthday was amazing! Thanks for the v-gifts, messages, tweets, everything. In RL, it was pretty fantastic (sans my flat tire) too. My friends threw me a surprise party the week before my birthday, too, and I was so touched as I had never had a surprise for me before! But yeah, it was a great couple of days.

2. I quit my job! I was just disappointed and upset every day and I couldn't take another school year. I'm going to be applying everywhere like crazy. I just wish I knew what I really WANTED you know? *sigh* Cleaning up my classroom was a mess. There are boxes of stuff everywhere!

3. I'm visiting my cousin in Illinois/Wisconsin. I did this 2 summers ago, too and it was amazing. It's freeing to just be. I actually fly out in 2 hours!

4. Big Bang posting starts today! I'm super stoked :D

So yeah that's my life in a nutshell haha. How are all of you lovely people doing?
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Guys, I had the BEST birthday this year. My favorite one to date I bet. It was on Friday and so first I want to thank y'all! I got fic, shout outs, messages, texts, vgifts, tweets, e-mails, the works!

Thanks to [ profile] enchanted_jae for stepping out of her comfort zone and writing me J2 fic with scruff! Go read Morning Scruff!

Thanks to [ profile] locknkey, [ profile] dephigravity, [ profile] memoonster, [ profile] heartsonwings, [ profile] ordinaryink, [ profile] wendy, [ profile] deirdre_c, [ profile] maerhys, and [ profile] dolnmoon for the beautiful v-gifts adorning my profile page.

I'm slowly getting through my inbox, but a big thank you!

Work was AMAZING. Usually for people's birthday, we'd get cake and stuff, but this time? There was a surprise potluck for me! Every staff member brought food and they all signed this card for me and chipped in for 2 gift cards. A friend who wasn't working that day drove an HOUR to come see me, gave me my favorite cake, and had to drive an hour back home. I was constantly loved on and was almost brought to tears. My students were super nice to me, and a couple of the other ones were so sweet - they said I looked so pretty and thought I was going to a wedding!

Just throughout the day, constant bombardment of love.

I came home and my sister brought me more red velvet cake, and then she gave me a suit she had made for me. It's cheetah and zebra and is this beautiful teal with hot pink. TOTAL LOVE.

THEN, my entire family surrounded me as I cut our family birthday cake.

All in all? Pretty fabulous :D

So thank you to all of you that helped my day be AWESOME. Usually I like birthdays, but we never do much. This time around, I just felt constant love and this was totally my favorite one to date!
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1. LJ is not doing too hot with it's comments and userpics and such is it? *shakes head* Hopefully that gets fixed soon.

2. DUDE, there is nobody on LJ anymore! It's sad :( Twitter/Tumblr have taken over and I feel like we don't even have proper conversations anymore. I remember comments upon comments of convos, of posts with tons of interaction. Those that read this know what I'm talking about. Those that I miss are off in Twitter and Tumblr land. *sighs* I still <3 you guys! I barely get on Tumblr and Twitter I'm on for a random thought. I've been on the latter a little more since I have break and am reading fic so I see the blue little thing letting me know there are updates haha

3. MY EAR IS CLOGGED. I guess it's congested? I woke up with not being able to hear in my right ear, only this dull oceanic roar. It's annoying. Any home remedies/tips before I find a doctor? (DNW doctors. They're expensive and time consuming esp. w/o insurance haha)

4. My room is a right mess and I don't feel like cleaning it. *sighs* It's been like it for a whiiiiiile. My niece and roommate I guess is coming tonight and I have to pick up clothes and put them away *pouts* Gonna see if I can listen to the Reanimaated fic by [ profile] tigbit while I do it. Hopefully I can hear it without blasting it too loud. We shall see. Lies. They're home. No podfic as I clean because niece will be in the room. Fail.

5. Saw MI4 in IMAX on Friday. I really enjoyed it! It was good :D I haven't seen the first three haha. But there were scenes where Tom Cruise looked like he hadn't aged at ALL. And the stunts and effects were wicked! The car was GORGEOUS, too!
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love me? secret santa style!

♥ So..I haven't been feeling well since Thursday. Stuffy nose, coughing just started, congested as anything, the works. And I have lesson plans and stuff to do today. AWESOME.

♥ We're hosting a multicultural fair in school and each class is doing a country. Ours is Italy and I'm trying to think of fun ideas for the kids to do. They made chef's hats to wear on day of, so that's one so far.

♥ I have 2 weeks off starting Saturday! Too bad I have to do work during it, but yay a break! haha

♥ I know I owe people fic ([ profile] poor_choices, you're at the top of that list!) and I hope to get to it during that break. I haven't forgotten, promise!

♥ Dallas Con is coming in September and I want to go to that too! But again, the driving thing (it's too far away and I don't drive that far...) Boo.

Ummm, I think that's it? Talk to me, guys! I miss you!!


Dec. 1st, 2011 09:21 pm
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Life has been a whirlwind lately, let me tell you! I've been crazy busy and feel like I've left you (which I so haven't!) but I haven't really had the time to catch up :/

All I know is I love December. I don't celebrate Christmas, but I love the holiday aspect of this month. The cold weather. The red cups at Starbucks. The peppermint everywhere. The holiday music. The good cheer. The sales. All of it.

I also love advent calendars, like [ profile] poor_choices', [ profile] transfixeddream's, [ profile] raeschae's, [ profile] andreas_ri's, and a few more I bet. :D

I just posted a fic meme at [ profile] notjustroomates for one per week. Hopefully that will encourage me people to write!

I'm going out of town this weekend for my bff's wedding and can't wait. Haven't seen her in MONTHS. I fail at communication, for real.

How are you guys doing? Excited about December at all? Talk to me!


Oct. 8th, 2011 09:42 am
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+ Back is KILLING ME. It's been hurting on and off for like a month now. :(

+ And I'm still sick. It's been almost a week! Plus side? [ profile] elless18 wrote me H/C fic: TLC
AU. Jensen has the flu. Part of her college!AU I convinced her to write. Love it <3

+ I am nowhere near caught up so of COURSE there's a convention this weekend. I was skimming the flist earlir this morning from like Monday so if I missed something, let me know please!

+ I got an awesome present from [ profile] dev_earl this week. Thanks so much, Dev! I received this beautiful purple cloth (is there a certain thing I'm supposed to do? Sis in law is going to turn it into a top for me, if that's cool?) and a hand-written J2 fic :D Be jealous, you know you are ;)

+ Are there any icons from the sexy promos? Jensen's come hither face and Jared's stance have me all aflutter haha

I think that's all? How is everything going with you all?
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a woe is me post )

So if you read that, please post something cheerful in the comments please? *bats eyelashes*

Sorry, just had to VENT and cry and moan.


Jan. 30th, 2011 04:41 pm
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+ Castle and White Collar were AMAZING this past week. I really enjoyed both episodes tons. spoilers )

+ Criminal Minds )

+ I haven't checked the flist in DAAAAAAAAYS. I'll probably skim so if I skip over anything super important, please link me here!

+ My muse needs to come back SOON dude. I have fic that I need to write but words just aren't happening :( I'm going to do the best I can to hopefully have a day to just write you know? But I don't know how that's going to go.

+ I want to change my layout again, but can't find anything I really LIKE enough.

+ I feel so out of touch with everything. I feel like I'm just floating around, no real job, no real friends, nothing. *sighs*

Wow this has been kind of a depressing post. Sorry about that :/
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Thank you [ profile] keyweegirlie, [ profile] vanae, and [ profile] jellicle for my Santa bears! They're super adorable :)

FYI, I'm gonna be pretty much unavailable until Sunday. My sister had her wedding (2 months ago almost), but we're doing the reception on Friday and been busy and going to be busy with family stuff and random events until Sunday. If anything is pressing/dire, just e-mail me or DM me. I check my phone very often! The bridal shower was today, which I was in charge of, and after all the drama and frustration, it's OVER. Thank goodness. I think it went pretty well, she looked happy, and in the end all the stress was worth it. But I've been running around town for like over a week and about to pull out my hair and stuff, but just thank goodness it's done! Plus side, there are leftover cupcakes with my name (okay the couples names) on them! AND PIZZA. Nom nom.

Happy Holidays everyone, and remember I'm just a click away if you need me! Sorry about going AWOL on ya'll ♥
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+ [ profile] mini_nanowrimo is upon us again. I will be posting at least 250 words a day for my nano-shots table at [ profile] spn_30snapshots at [ profile] collidefics. I haven't decided if I'm doing a full story or random drabbles like last year yet.

+ I feel like I want a new moodtheme/layout but I'm LAZY. (also my stupid favicon is not working and it's annoying. Help me? [ profile] arabella_hope?)

+ I STILL LOVE SAM WINCHESTER AND WILL ALWAYS LOVE HIM. I'm just sayin', if that's been unclear or something, Sammy will always remain my love. I love him and Dean both equally in general if not equally at certain times. I've seen some Sam hate, unfortunately, and all I can say is there is no Dean without Sam. (SPEAKING OF. I am short on Sam and Jared icons, comment with your favorite!)

+ I am SWAMPED and fail at life *facepalm* There's so much to do and I feel like there's no time to do it! It doesn't help that my nose is still stuffy as all hell, and my chest is all congested *pouts*

+ I have no seen Friday the 13th yet and so am a failure at life according to [ profile] kamikaze_redux haha. I PLAN TO! I was going to tonight, but have to do this Vicks menthol inhalation thing to soothe sinuses instead. Let's just hope that works.

+ Hope ya'll had a good Halloween. IMO the best part is the AFTER Halloween (and holiday) cookie/candy sales. I have no resistance, seriously.

+ I was supposed to go to the dentist Saturday, but that appointment was moved. AGAIN. For the fourth time. And I haven't been to the dentist in like 5 years (last week's episode isn't helping my nerves, either) and I'm just so frustrated that she keeps postponing it. *GRR* But I already paid :/

+ I've become obsessed with gifs. Seriously. haha so to end on a slightly happier note, I give you 2 gifs.


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♥ I just wanted to say THANK YOU for everyone who responded to my last post. I feel supremely blessed to have you all and your support for me and my family in my life! I'm not going to reply to those, but you don't even know how touched I feel to be able to consider you all my friends ♡♡♡

♥ So my family fails at planning stuff. While your Orlando replies were helpful, my brother decided not to go in the end :( which means I don't get to meet [ profile] caithream, this makes me SO sad. For his vacation we're gonna do Austin and San Antonio, stay close to home. Maybe we'll do Orlando some other year. Sorry Sarah!

♥ I've been wearing glasses since I was in sixth grade and I've been thinking about contacts. Are the prescriptions different for contacts v. glasses? What brand do you wear/recommend? Is there anything I need to know as a first timer for contacts? Thank you!
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♠ HI!! Oh you guys I have missed you so much. So I'm back. I realized a few things, mainly that I'm in fandom to be happy, to make myself happy, not to worry about other people. I'm not going to give idiot losers the satisfaction of knowing they affected me so much by sending me away from fandom. Fandom is where I'm the happiest and these past few weeks not really being a part of it have sucked muchly. The past few weeks of not really talking to ya'll has been hell, really.

I learned that for me to be truly happy with fandom is an impossibility, I'm never going to be completely happy with that anon-meme and certain people. But for me to be kind of happy? I just need to revel in the things that make me happy - you all, the boys, the fic, and the art. Everything else is just unnecessary stress. So I've decided I'm going to do what makes me happy, which is write fic, read fic, rec stuff, pimp stuff, and spam the hell out of ya'll with pretty things. ♥

So I'm here, screw anyone who doesn't like it.

Also, thank you to those that checked up on me and what not. I appreciate it more than you know <3

♠ Boys were adorable as always at Comic Con yes? I haven't seen the vids yet, but I will! Work and family have kind of been crazy, but I've seen some pics and gifs and I can't wait to see the vids soon!

♠ My mom, dad, bro, and niece came back from Kenya this past week. Mom brought me back glasses and they're hard to get used to, because the frame is different than my usual one. I keep seeing this big black thing in my peripheral and realize it's part of the frame haha. But I still like 'em, they're pretty :D I also got new clothes to wear for weddings and when we have guests and such. I have issues with some, but that's a weight thing that I don't even want to get into right now.

♠ I have a couple of art recs while I was on 'hiatus':
+ Happy Birthday Jared! picspam by [ profile] ina_ami
+ Jared Padalecki Picspam by [ profile] kajmere
+ 4 SPN Wallpapers by [ profile] artisis
+ Jensen Drawing by ParisKB on deviantart
+ Me and You: A J2 Picspam by [ profile] mysticwaters
+ Good old J2 Picpsam by [ profile] canyon_deye (A reminder of why we love J2. God, SO GOOD. Totally uploaded all the headers and have them rotating on my layout.)
+ J2 fanart: Quiet Mornings by [ profile] nightowl81 (You'll have to join her comm, but worth it, I think)
+ Jensen Portrait by [ profile] sisterzurda

♠ I really have a problem with icons. I like way too many, I blame how talented fandom is ;) But yeah, I need to delete icons, once again *sighs*

♠ So flist, *chinhands* tell me how you've been! Catch me up! I skimmed the flist very lightly, but ya'll get quite chatty sometimes so I bet I missed something ;)
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Today has been a not so awesome day *pouts pathetically*

- Slept at 1:30 last night and woke up at 5:00 AM this morning.
- Had to drive an hour and a half at 5:45 AM
- As soon as I got here, unpacked my trunk and drove to the bus stop (7:30)
- Got on the bus to go to work for a full nine hour day
- I get to work and can't log into my account on the computer
- I go upstairs to the next floor for technology help and trip, banging my knee hard, and cutting up my thumb
- They say they'll let me know when my account will be fixed (8:15)
- I don't realize I'm bleeding till I see red all over my sandal, so I wash my shoe and put a band aid on, band aid rips, have to repeat
- My knee feels sore, my feet hurt, and I still can't log in (8:45)
- My boss gives me this HUGE stack of work to do
- It's 11:30 and still no access. I finally call them and they're like 'it works'. I'm a bit upset at them at this point.
- 12:00 I have to go get lunch for the boss (I walk there in the hot sun and it's busy as hell, my feet still hurt)
- I finally eat my first morsel of food all day when I get something to eat along with boss' lunch
- I'm told I need to run an errand and head to the library with aching feet
- I get to the library and something goes wrong where I can't even get what I'm supposed to, so I walk back to work
- I finally finish my stack and start to just relax when I bang the bruised knee against the desk

Then I was finally done and got to go HOOOOME (after walking all the way to the bus stop again and waiting for the bus)

I felt bad for Rona, because I kept whining at her through texts haha

+ I saw 'Crush' today, and he looked as awesome as always haha. He's such a technological nerd, I love it. Think Chuck+Hardison. He's less adorable and funny and would be my best friend and someone I could fall for if I saw him outside of work
+ It's my girl crush's birthday.

...that's kind of it. So Thursday felt like a craptastic Monday. OH and I just realized I have to code the newsletter when all I wanna do is curl up in my bed and sleep for a year. But I have work again tomorrow. *sighs*

Flist, please cheer me up?


Jun. 11th, 2010 02:25 pm
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♥ So the unicorn war between [ profile] lemmealone and [ profile] drvsilla has been insanely amusing haha

♥ I watched 10 Things I Hate About You for the first time in quite a few years. SO CUTE. Oh Heath <333 Is there a J2 version of this? I'm not quite sure if I want it to be the older sister or the younger sister's story haha.

♥ I'm apparently writing shaving!porn in the comments of my last entry for [ profile] elless18 because I'm her slave ;)

♥ So who is writing me werewolf!J2 now? *waits*

♥ I haven't been sleeping properly lately. Like I sleep 2 hours a night, maybe, and keep tossing and turning. Finally slept for a little over 6 last night. But I'm still exhausted! *siiiighs*

♥ I keep frantically refreshing [ profile] classy_lawyers, I LOVE that RP Comm <333
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My favorite thing in the world right now )

~ I'm taking a break. I'm not in the right headspace right now. I just got REALLY hurt and this is the second time in as many months. I can't handle it. I'm VERY fragile, I don't take criticism well, and it's very hard for me to change. Yes, I am a people-pleaser. Yes, this may seem like a cowardly thing to do, responding with my own form of passive aggression, but I can't think of anything else. I just need to go. If you need to reach me, you know the drill. I'm also aware this is very cryptic, and I'm sorry, but I really can't get into it.
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Comment if you'd like a color.
Then list ten things that you like/love which are that color.

[ profile] el_gilliath gave me blue.

1. blue eyes
2. the sky
3. this picture
4. harry potter and the order of the phoenix
5. this picture
6. the ocean
7. i'm blue by eiffel 65
8. the color blue
9. shelter-the movie
10. dolphins (the blue dolphin)

that was hard and some of them are quite a reach!

So guess whose about to be another 850 dollars poorer? I fail at life. I have the worst luck with the car, seriously. And my parents and brother are going to murder me!!!


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