May. 27th, 2015 08:24 pm
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Quick rounds of thanks for making my birthday special!

[ profile] wendy for my delicious vanilla cupcake.
[ profile] enchanted_jae for my J2 fic Official.
[ profile] big_heart_june for the birthday picspam

and to all the lj messages and tweets that went out for me. THANKS!

In personal news, SE Texas was struck by flash floods and my school suffered. We were off Monday and were supposed to go back Tuesday but roads were COVERED with water so we didn't go. Most schools went back today but ours actually suffered quite a bit of water damage and is closed until further notice. Stuff is still inside the building, I haven't said goodbye to my kiddos, and I haven't said bye to the staff so it just feels stilted right now. Just send good vibes and thoughts our way. Our house was fine, thankfully, but my coworker's was flooded :( This heavy downpour was completely unexpected.
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I want to give a SINCERE thank you for all those that gave me some love on the love meme. Life's been...interesting to say the least, and your kind words bolstered me up. I tried to leave heartfelt words for you guys too, so I hope you benefited from them as well.

YOU are amazing and I adore you to bits and pieces!


May. 26th, 2014 10:16 pm
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+ My birthday was yesterday! It was such an awesome day, the whole weekend really. Thank you to everyone who PM-ed, tweeted, DM-ed, texted, THANKS. I appreciate y'all so much! Thanks also to [ profile] wendy and [ profile] the_rant_girl for the fab v-gifts. The fun started from Friday where my bestie at work and the 6th graders we share threw me a surprise Avengers themed birthday party! The room was decked out in decorations, I got an Iron Man mask, there were zebra/leopard balloons, it was just amazing. It actually inspired me to write fic based on it haha: Students Assemble!
So Tyler Hoechlin and Dylan O'Brien along with the people they play Stiles and Derek from Teen Wolf have taken over my BRAIN and so Hoechlin and O'Brien are included in the aforementioned fic *facepalm* I have been reading so much TW fanfic guys. Jared and Jensen are my forever boys, but these two are so fun haha

+ I haven't checked the flist in WEEKS because I'd been so behind on SPN! If I missed something I should DEFINITELY see, please link me! I finally got caught up with the last three episodes and spoilers? )

+ There's a con in Houston in January and I AM GOING. Hopefully. I have bought the tickets and duo photo op already! I'm PSYCHED and hope it all works out.

+ 2 quick J2 recs )

+ Honest question. So if an author writes a fic in one fandom, is it just in bad taste to change the names and a few descriptions and repost it in another fandom?

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1. Thanks go out to [ profile] fiercelynormal for making me this WICKED icon.

2. I am making a New Year's Resolution that hopefully goes better than last times haha. It's called Don't Break a Chain where you commit to doing something EVERY DAY. I want to read more books, exercise, and pray more. Let's hope I can! I challenge you to do something too :)
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& do not like LJ's new posting method and that I don't have a choice to do so..

& feel supremely bad about my fail as a friend here on LJ. Life has gotten away from me. But I vow to be better this week!

& have not watched last week's episode of SPN or any other show really. I have no clue what I'm doing with my time but THERE IS NEVER ENOUGH OF IT.

& wondering, does anyone have any icons with the SPN boys wearing glasses from the episode before last? WANT!! *grabby hands*

& am ridiculously behind on dailyjsquared. I really need to shape up with that poor comm. Also things I'm ridiculously behind on include the SPN cons. *SIGH*

& thanking those that posted about me on the valentine's meme. I love you! I had no idea it was happening and failed. But look out in your inboxes this week for a special surprise!

& missing my bff completely and wondering if our friendship will ever go back to how it was *is cryptic*

....I think that's all for now. TALK TO YOU SOON LOVELIES *SMOOOOOOCH*
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Happy New Year everyone!! I hope all your holidays have been going great. I've been busy like crazy because my cousins are in town and they're leaving tomorrow :( I'm going to miss them and it's back to the real world again on Monday. Damn.

Anyway, I just wanted to thank a few people for the yummy way my profile looks :) Thanks go out to [ profile] enchanted_jae, [ profile] raloria, [ profile] cleflink, [ profile] riyku, [ profile] sin_of_pride, [ profile] ashleylive, [ profile] dephigravity, [ profile] cherry916, [ profile] heard_the_owl, [ profile] the_rant_girl, and Anonymous! I appreciate it so much.

In other news, how glorious were the new (old) pics of Jensen from that Michael Muller photoshoot (the gorgeous ones of him underwater and in a shower haha). And of course the adorable Danneel and Jensen shot she posted. I love the dinosaur in the back!

Quick rec! Sunshine by Vongue. God, her art is always fantastic. This is Jared and his lovely hair :D

Alright, time to catch up with my comments and maybe the flist haha. I've missed y'all ♥
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♥ How brilliant is this art!? A drawing of the infamous almost j2 kiss :D

♥ Had the BEST conversation with [ profile] dephigravity and [ profile] queerly_it_is tonight. All the moaning and groaning and cowboys and howdy y'all's ;)

♥ SLEEP. I don't have it :( Been SO exhausted lately. Also, I need to get better about my procrastination. It's BAD. Was looking at the flist (which took almost 2 hours!) rather than school work and got SO LATE. I don't think I'm ready for tomorrow.

♥ My crush on Adam Levine is ridiculous. I was watching The Voice last night and he turned around towards the beginning and just smiled and I was like I'd choose him right there. Wouldn't listen to Blake, Cee Lo, or Christina at ALL. ahhaa (also, I LOVE Maroon 5's latest song! It's so catchy haha)

♥ Thank you for the sassy pandas [ profile] kamikaze_redux, [ profile] ashleylive, [ profile] kelleigh, [ profile] zubeneschamali, [ profile] riyku, [ profile] dephigravity, [ profile] the_milky_way, [ profile] akintay, [ profile] ordinaryink, [ profile] dolnmoon, and Anon! I wanted to send more, but LJ refused *pouts*

And how are YOU dear flist?
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Guys, I had the BEST birthday this year. My favorite one to date I bet. It was on Friday and so first I want to thank y'all! I got fic, shout outs, messages, texts, vgifts, tweets, e-mails, the works!

Thanks to [ profile] enchanted_jae for stepping out of her comfort zone and writing me J2 fic with scruff! Go read Morning Scruff!

Thanks to [ profile] locknkey, [ profile] dephigravity, [ profile] memoonster, [ profile] heartsonwings, [ profile] ordinaryink, [ profile] wendy, [ profile] deirdre_c, [ profile] maerhys, and [ profile] dolnmoon for the beautiful v-gifts adorning my profile page.

I'm slowly getting through my inbox, but a big thank you!

Work was AMAZING. Usually for people's birthday, we'd get cake and stuff, but this time? There was a surprise potluck for me! Every staff member brought food and they all signed this card for me and chipped in for 2 gift cards. A friend who wasn't working that day drove an HOUR to come see me, gave me my favorite cake, and had to drive an hour back home. I was constantly loved on and was almost brought to tears. My students were super nice to me, and a couple of the other ones were so sweet - they said I looked so pretty and thought I was going to a wedding!

Just throughout the day, constant bombardment of love.

I came home and my sister brought me more red velvet cake, and then she gave me a suit she had made for me. It's cheetah and zebra and is this beautiful teal with hot pink. TOTAL LOVE.

THEN, my entire family surrounded me as I cut our family birthday cake.

All in all? Pretty fabulous :D

So thank you to all of you that helped my day be AWESOME. Usually I like birthdays, but we never do much. This time around, I just felt constant love and this was totally my favorite one to date!
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Thank you to the 2 anonymice for the glass heart and the one for the candy hearts ♥

Happy Valentine's Day, y'all! ♥♥♥

I used to kinda hate it, Single's Awareness Day, and all, but I realized it is what we make of it. And I'm making it about hot boys getting together and showering love on my friends *smiiiiiiiiiiiiiish*


Nov. 4th, 2011 09:08 pm
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- Thanks so much for all the stuff in my last post. Going through it now, and it's a BLAST.

- The v-neck shirts story with that picture of Jensen, Jared, and Sebastian. Oh boys ;)

- A Vid on why the SPN cast/crew is the best ever (uh character spoiler for 7.11 maybe?)

- I'm seriously enjoying this season :D I liked tonight's episode as well, especially texting [ profile] matalinolukaret through it!

- Didn't sign up for mini-nano this year due to lack of time, but I'm going to see if I can crank out SOMETHING this month. I miss writing, dude.

- Thanks again, guys. I ♥ you so!
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♥ That spider I've received v-gifts of is ADORABLE. Thank you [ profile] transfixeddream, [ profile] dev_earl, [ profile] rejeneration, [ profile] moonflower_rose, [ profile] cinnatart, and [ profile] billysgirl5 for the cute little spider to decorate my user info :)

♥ Friday's episode was awesome IMO. Talk to me about it! I'm too lazy to write down everything I liked or whatever, but I was pleased overall :D Bonus points for sexy boys. Jeez, they get hotter every day don't they? (Can someone explain the title reference because gotta say, I was a bit worried at first!)


Oct. 8th, 2011 09:42 am
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+ Back is KILLING ME. It's been hurting on and off for like a month now. :(

+ And I'm still sick. It's been almost a week! Plus side? [ profile] elless18 wrote me H/C fic: TLC
AU. Jensen has the flu. Part of her college!AU I convinced her to write. Love it <3

+ I am nowhere near caught up so of COURSE there's a convention this weekend. I was skimming the flist earlir this morning from like Monday so if I missed something, let me know please!

+ I got an awesome present from [ profile] dev_earl this week. Thanks so much, Dev! I received this beautiful purple cloth (is there a certain thing I'm supposed to do? Sis in law is going to turn it into a top for me, if that's cool?) and a hand-written J2 fic :D Be jealous, you know you are ;)

+ Are there any icons from the sexy promos? Jensen's come hither face and Jared's stance have me all aflutter haha

I think that's all? How is everything going with you all?
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[ profile] transfixeddream is hosting a bottom!Jared meme. WRITE FIC PEOPLE. LOTS OF FIC. Haha I love both bottom Jared and Jensen, but there does seem to be a shortage of the former ;)

♥ Thank you so much for the vgifts everyone ([ profile] raloria, [ profile] viridescence, [ profile] the_milky_way, [ profile] tabularassa, [ profile] transfixeddream, [ profile] waterofthemoon, [ profile] sesheta_66, [ profile] clex_monkie89, [ profile] cherie_morte, [ profile] yggdrasilian, [ profile] moonflower_rose, [ profile] cinnatart, and [ profile] ina_ami)! I didn't know it was limitless or else I would have sent one to EVERYONE. But thank you to those that sent one for me :*

♥ This week has been CRAZY. I was visiting cousin's family back home, so not much access to internet because we'd been busy everyday. It was tons of fun though and I wouldn't change it for the world. Saying bye to them made me all sad for the rest of the day though :/ But what did I miss, guys? Tell me everything!
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So it was my birthday yesterday and I got tons of awesome stuff from you guys.

♥ Thank you for all the birthday posts, e-mails, messages, and tweets. I hope I've replied to all of you! I appreciate it so much y'all!

♥ Thank you to [ profile] the_milky_way for the awesome fic your laughter is my life that has boys baby sitting and lots of schmoop!

♥ Thank you to [ profile] dugindeep for the wonderful fic It's a Dog Eat Jared World with Jared bringing a surprise puppy home and trying to convince Jensen to keep it. 2 sets of puppy eyes is too much to handle ;)

♥ Thank you [ profile] dolnmoon, [ profile] __tiana__, [ profile] ina_ami, [ profile] deirdre_c, [ profile] maerhys, [ profile] giantlovetingle, [ profile] wendy, and [ profile] sugareey for the v-gifts decorating my profiles along with the corresponding messages!

♥ Thank you [ profile] changethemusic for the awesome post with your expression and the IPad. I grinned HUGE lemme tell you.

Thank you ALL. You made me feel so loved, I can't even express! (And because I was in a schmoopy mood, I wrote self indulgent proposal fic :D)
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+ Thank you [ profile] akintay, [ profile] dolnmoon, and [ profile] matalinolukaret for my tin hats <3 It's like LJ knows ;)

+ I HAVE INTERNET! *dances around* The thing is that I'm behind by like 4 days on Twitter, tumblr, and my flist. So if I've missed something dire, PLEASE fill me in. I'm probably not going to go and check because it'd probably kill me. Hope you guys are fine <3

please read

Feb. 8th, 2011 03:43 pm
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** Thank you [ profile] deirdre_c for the pink hearts v-gift! <3

** Speaking of, today is V-Gift Day at [ profile] fab_feb_friends!

** ION, I have some stuff to sell. If you are interested in purchasing the SPN novels Bone Key, Nevermore, or Witch's Canyon, let me know. I also have the first 4 Rising Son graphic magazines and Issue #4 of Supernatural Magazine. We can discuss prices in the comments, but I'm willing to sell cheap. I need a little $ and have to get rid of this! Thanks <3

oh boy

Jan. 15th, 2011 03:05 pm
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Pic of Jensen and Clif under cut )

Thank you [ profile] dolnmoon for the baby otter ♥

ION, floods are EVERYWHERE :( [ profile] helpbrazil2011[ profile] helpbrazil2011[ profile] helpbrazil2011
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♥ Thank you [ profile] elless18, [ profile] crystalchain, [ profile] _mournthewicked, and [ profile] matalinolukaret for the disappearing cookies!

♥ Speaking of Rona...I was subbing on Friday for a HS teacher and I saw SPN season 1 box set on his desk. I texted Rona all excited and then told her I was bored. She e-mailed back with: JENSEN SUBS JARED'S CLASS, FINDS AN OLD MOVIE THEY BOTH SEEM TO ADORE, AND LEAVES A NOTE COMPLIMENTING JARED. CUE JARED BEING FLATTERED AND CURIOUS AS TO WHO THIS SUB IS, SO HE SNEAKS AROUND AND TRIES TO FIND JENSEN WHEN JENSEN SUBS AGAIN IN THE SCHOOL.

I told her to write this and she did via e-mail (teasing me slowly). I told her to post and she DID!. It's ridiculously adorable (plus features a flyaway mention of my newest crush) and poke her to write more okay? :D

♥ It's gonna be 30 degrees tonight, the coldest it's been so far. This has been a pretty warm winter for Texas (It was 75 yesterday. Not even kidding.)

♥ I'm SO BEHIND on flist, it's not even funny. If you posted something since Thursday you'd like me to see, comment here with links/whatever please! (though, not the Jensen on MTV thing. EFF HIM AND HIS HOTNESS. Where are the caps/icons? NEED THEM STAT. Have no clue what I'm talking about? under the cut )
Spoiler's for Friday's episode. AND OH GOD HELLATUS IS GOING TO SUCK.)


Dec. 7th, 2010 07:35 pm
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I love [ profile] insmallpackages! For more reasons than me just getting stuff, but dude look what [ profile] smidgy06 made me!

(Click for bigger. Not like that, pervs.)

SO pretty <333 Thanks Smidge ♥

ALSO. Run, do not walk, to see this emotions picspam by [ profile] dramaa_princess. BOOOOYS. *cuddles them*
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2010 Word Counts
Uploaded with Skitch!


#love meme♥ hosted at Flesh's journal. Go leave some love!!!

# Thank you for my v-gift [ profile] __tiana__! And the message ♥

# My aunt passed away early this morning. She'd been sick for a while (a cancer starting in her ear I believe) and was non-responsive the past few days. It's tough, but it was expected because the doctors said they couldn't do anything. Doesn't make it any easier. This is the third of my mom's siblings in 3-4 years. I'm not liking this statistic. I LOVE her side of the family and it seems to be dwindling away :( I'm just glad Mom saw her when she went to visit this year. I saw her last year, but we didn't really get a chance to talk since my Uncle had passed away at the time and we were only there for a bit. But yea, it's tough right now and so that love meme above? Cheered me up immensely. I feel like it came at a perfect time for many. So thanks Flesh and everyone else. You made my cry happy tears, thank you ♥♥♥


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