Dec. 9th, 2014 10:08 pm
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12 sexy days of Christmas

Umm I want all the fic lol. Man there was a comm for this year's ago. Sigh.
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I wanna see y'all's desktop. SHOW ME.

I made the wallpaper based on diff pictures on

ALSO. I want fic of J2 on the brink of breaking up or divorce. I have some people that MAY write it but that might be SO FAR AWAY. Is there fic out there now? Or who is willing to write it for me? *begs oh so prettily*

sad face

Dec. 2nd, 2012 11:43 pm
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In case you didn't know, [ profile] incompletework2 is going to take down all her fics. I am feeling supremely lazy, but does anyone have the PDF or DOC version of her tattoo!verse? If not, I can go make one for me, but lots of scrolling haha.

Thanks :)

How is your December going? Mine is stressful. Thank GOODNESS I have winter break! Though, I know I'll be working. Still, counting the days!

This week is testing week for the students. Oh they're going to HATE me.

Now to sleep and wake up early because I forgot to do lesson plans as internet was down all of Friday and my weekend pretty much ran away from me. Joy.
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THIS is the art to fic I have always wanted but have never found. Obviously, I'm picture J2 and not Sam/Dean, but STILL.

sfdjjlskdjflksjdf WHERE IS THE CAR!SEX FIC?!

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Okay so I have been craving fic. Like deliciously dirty sexy fic. Especially fic involving butt plugs plugging up come (or just having to wear it all day). Whatever! Something scorching and sexy and perfect. Please rec me any fics that have that! (or write it lol)

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do want

Apr. 4th, 2012 01:45 pm
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I want a wedding-themed comment fic meme. Maybe at [ profile] notjustroomates.

The pic earlier and this one below sparked this desire. And basically all I've written are proposals lately apparently haha.

Anyone wanna write me fic about Jared and Jensen not seeing each other before the wedding and thus both wearing blindfolds? SO CUTE.

*enables anybody*


Feb. 25th, 2012 09:31 pm
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+ I'm so behind on TV it's not even funny. The only one I'm caught up on is SPN. Duh.

- I finished The Hunger Games! Awesome book! Now to start the next one :D I also read The Help which was fantastic as well. Fanfic wise, I'm plugging away at the [ profile] hd_holidays fics. I haven't properly read a J2 one in a while. :/

# I watched This Means War on Thursday and I really enjoyed it. Tom Hardy, you're so hot. I WANT THREESOME FIC. OR JUST J2 FIC. EITHER J2/D or J2. PLEASE!? Why hasn't this been written yet?!

* I feel so disconnected from fandom. I hadn't checked my flist since MONDAY. That's super weird for me, so I'm going to try my best to stay more connected. Doesn't mean I love you any less, ok?

~ I love the photo shoot from this icon. He looked SO HOT in that pink shirt, tie, gray fitted pants, watch, and smoldering look. Unf.

! My birthday is in exactly 3 months \0/

How are YOU, flist?


Feb. 5th, 2012 12:18 pm
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A con plus the Super Bowl? Hopefully they're done by the time it starts.

So where's the fic of the boys snuggling in one of their hotel rooms to watch the game? hahaha

I love banter. *grins*

Anyway, ugh life. It's like everyone at home, including the guys, is PMS-ing today. *shakes head* Makes my life hell, that's for sure.
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Just watched Friends With Benefits with Justin Timberlake and Mila Kunis and I really enjoyed it. I REALLY want J2 fic with it now. Every romantic comedy, without fail, it pictured with J2. Dude, Jensen as the art director and Jared as the head hunter. Mila = Jared completely in that movie. Who's going to write it for me? *chin hands*

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I was trying to enable [ profile] cherie_morte into writing a fic based on this video but she has powers to resist me apparently. Sadface.

SOOO. I'm going to try to get one of you guys to write epic fic based on this adorable love story video. If not? At least watch the video and get warm fuzzies in your tummy :D

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Watch this vid from 7:04-8:05. They make me REALLY happy. I love these boys so much. And Jared comes in and is being a dork and just boooooooooys.

Yes and no. I would say that if we weren’t as good friends as we were it probably would have been like, “What are you doing?” But it was all done very innocently and honestly. I was happy for him, he was happy for me. We’ve been working together this long, no wonder. I think that we’re on the same cycles now.


Why yes, I AM just catching up with comic con stuff! Next on my list, Vancouver Con.

ALSO. He talks about speed dating at the beginning and now I want SPEED DATING FIC! *waves hands* haha

(thank you for yesterday btw ♥♥ Means more than you can EVER know.)
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♥ How cute are those puppy vgifts? haha

♥ How cute ALSO was the Misha Collins pic with his baby boy, West? No idea what I'm talking about? Look here and here. To clarify, I'm not usually the biggest Misha fan, but BABY!!!

♥ WHERE IS ALL THE BABY FIC. C'mon fandom!

♥ I watched 'The Breakfast Club' a while back and "Don't You Forget About Me" became a quick favorite of mine. Plus it features in One Tree Hill and one of my favorite scenes AND in Rona and my Big Bang fic and I heard it TWICE today. Once randomly on the radio (which made me grin wide, let me tell you) and again at the end of Easy A (SUCH A CUTE MOVIE. I have a crush on Emma Stone now, seriously). Speaking of movies, where are the J2 adaptations of Going the Distance and Easy A and hopefully Life As We Know It as well??!! [ profile] abouttwoboys or [ profile] whenboymeetsboy needs to happen again haha.

♥ Also speaking of music, does anyone have the DL to "Don't You Forget About Me"? Or the soundtrack to Rent? (Just saw that recently too. That was pretty awesome too!

♥ It sometimes amazes me how absolutely BRILLIANT fandom is. In art, fic, meta, everything. We have so SERIOUSLY amazing people here. I'm humbled sometimes by it's awesomeness and in those tough times, try to focus on that instead ;)

♥ It is [ profile] mini_nanowrimo time again. I'm debating signing up for it. I'd love to write everyday, but I'm not quite sure how successful I'd be. Last year was stressful getting through all that haha. Any thoughts or words of encouragement/discouragement?

♥ I didn't realize my top today was a bit see through so my leopard print bra has been on BRIGHT display *facepalm*

♥ I am so behind on my fic :( MUSE COME BACK TO ME PLEASE!!! I will attempt writing TONIGHT (I owe my [ profile] help_pakistan fic and [ profile] simplybeing has been an absolute darling about it.) Rona, you free to help be bounce ideas off of?

♥ So I got in my car and "Highway to Hell" starts up and I BLARE it while I zoom down the road, windows down. I felt all dorkily cool haha. Oh well, it felt amazing :D

♥ Right now, I'm sitting outside McAlister's (one of the best places to get Dr. Pepper. And iced tea, but I don't drink that. *gasps* I fail as a Southerner I know hah). It's GORGEOUS weather. I could totally sit outside all day, just taking it all in.

♥ I've been really bad about commenting lately. I've been skimming, and so not taking as much time to comment. It's just whenever I manage to check my flist, it's at a bad time, so I just bookmark fics to read and icons to look at :/ I love you all, though! And I'll try to be better. But yeah, I apologize for that.

♥ So tell me flist, how are YOU doing? What have you been up to? *chinhands* Fill me in on YOU! I miss when things were more LJ-centric. Twitter/Tumblr seems to have taken over :/ (Haha [ profile] wendy said this a little while ago, too)
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MEME TIME! I'm going to do that voice post meme, because I haven't in awhile haha. Ask me anything you wanna know and I'll answer it in a voice post! I'll wait about two days :) If you want me to say anything in particular, that works too!

★ Where can I find pics from Chicago Con 07 and LA Con 08? I wasn't really saving too many pics yet haha. Any clues?

★ Are there any fics of Jared and Jensen waiting till after marriage to, uh, consummate their love? I think the sexual tension would be CRAZY.

★ I watched 'Valentine's Day' last night, and I was wondering if there's any J2 fic based on the Ashton Kutcher storyline? I feel like this would be perfect!! Thanks <3 (the movie was okay, if all over the place haha. It's kinda crazy to see it all connected. Bradley Cooper looked HELLA gorgeous, though. And the end made me go :O but I was still pretty happy with that haha)

★ Got this from [ profile] ontd_spnparty. It's a clip of Jensen as Red Hood under here )

From the interview with executive producer Bruce Timm:
QUESTION: What did Jensen Ackles bring to the table as Red Hood?
BRUCE TIMM: Red Hood is such a pivotal role in that he needed to be somebody who was forceful, threatening, weirdly sympathetic, and also had to be of a certain age. Not too young, not too old, just right. Andrea and I both knew of Jensen’s work, and he was one of those guys we had in our “Gotta work with that guy some day” file. And he fit the bill perfectly. He’s got an intensity in the booth that really matched the material

Interview here

Hee, at first, I honestly couldn't tell it was Jensen. It's hard if you hadn't known already. If you listen carefully, and are looking for it, though, you CAN tell.


Jun. 11th, 2010 02:25 pm
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♥ So the unicorn war between [ profile] lemmealone and [ profile] drvsilla has been insanely amusing haha

♥ I watched 10 Things I Hate About You for the first time in quite a few years. SO CUTE. Oh Heath <333 Is there a J2 version of this? I'm not quite sure if I want it to be the older sister or the younger sister's story haha.

♥ I'm apparently writing shaving!porn in the comments of my last entry for [ profile] elless18 because I'm her slave ;)

♥ So who is writing me werewolf!J2 now? *waits*

♥ I haven't been sleeping properly lately. Like I sleep 2 hours a night, maybe, and keep tossing and turning. Finally slept for a little over 6 last night. But I'm still exhausted! *siiiighs*

♥ I keep frantically refreshing [ profile] classy_lawyers, I LOVE that RP Comm <333
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+ To reiterate, I love Big Bangs. The length, the sheer awesomeness of fic, it's pretty much win :D

+ Thank you for those that replied to my last post, comments were screened so I'm not going to reply, but I appreciate it <3

+ On that note, [ profile] kelleigh said some awesome things about fandom as a whole: -- Fandom is more than the words of its writers, the compositions of its artists. A positive attitude means more than simply ignoring harsh, unnecessary negativity -- we must actively combat it. As a member of fandom, I pledge to share my admiration for every writer, every artist, every mixer, and every reader by leaving positive feedback when I can, and respectful, constructive feedback when I need to. In return, my opinions will be respected and my journal will be a safe place for fandom interaction, no matter what views are shared. --

This is what fandom is. And should be. I want to do a 'what I love about fandom' meme or something to contribute to the positive attitudes you know? I'm not sure what though.

+ So I read this werewolf J2 fic last night. Even though it wasn't the most awesome thing in the world (grammar mostly) I pretty much fell in love with it because of the idea of J2 being MATES. There was a scene of them calling each other mates and becoming mates and it made me a little warm under the collar. Seriously. I find that SO ridiculously hot and I think that's why I love possessive and jealousy!fics. The idea of belonging to someone, of getting jealous because someone's touching what's yours, of claiming someone, of being mated to someone is unbelievably sexy to me. And now I need more fics of mating in that way. Of either jealousy fics, or of creature!fics where they're meant to be! (In Harry Potter world, I loved Veela fics for this reason too!) So if you read that, recs please? *bats lashes*

+ Idk if everyone saw this but Jason Manns tweeted a pic of Jensen yesterday and he's all scruffy and gorgeous.



Apr. 13th, 2010 02:39 pm
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The other day in English there were a couple guys talking while our teacher was talking. This was a common occurrence so I just ignored them. My teacher, however, told them if they didn't shut up he would place their desks at the very front and face them across from each other like a "date". They stopped talking for all of 10 seconds so he told them to move their desks to the front. Once positioned as a "date" my teacher then proceeded to play romantic music from his laptop and turn off all the lights. The 2 guys who were on a "date" couldn't even look at each other it was so awkward. I always knew he was my favorite teacher. MLIA



FIC PLEASE *grabby hands*


Mar. 11th, 2010 07:02 pm
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I WANT FICS. (Not surprised are you? haha)

♥ Jared and Jensen wait until marriage to have sex. Lots of courtship, wooing, and adorableness!
♥ Jared and Jensen got married. Then divorced. Then realize they do actually love each other insane amounts and get back together. Angsty+schmooptastic!

*clap clap* ;)

Dude, especially lately. *sighs*
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I feel like things on my to-do list will never get crossed off!

Anyway, quick question. I know [ profile] light_up deleted her journal and fic comm. Is there anywhere else her fics are hosted? Anyone have them? Is there any way to get in contact with her?

I loved her stuff and I'm kinda sad they're gone forever you know?

Okay I'll talk to you later flist ♥
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The following is completely stolen from [ profile] wendy. This fic NEEDS to be written. Please write this, SOMEBODY!!!!!

"And THEN I decided that Jared and Jensen need to agree to act like each other for a day. (Maybe as part of a bet?) So, Jensen has to get up early and take the dogs for a run and make coffee and bring it to Jared in bed, while Jared sleeps in late. And Jared has to ask questions about director, err...directions. And, just a hundred little canon/fanon things. And the boys realize how much they do for each other and how little things they didn't even know they were doing meant SO MUCH to the other guy (like how Jensen always texts Jared "good job" after his last scene of the day. Jensen didn't even know Jared noticed that until he gets a text form Jared-acting-like-Jensen!).

And maybe there's some minor irritation (Jared realizes that having someone talk while you're trying to pee really IS as irritating as people have been telling him, or watching Jensen flirt and hug on strangers a la Jared makes Jared realize what Jensen feels watching that, or WHATEVER.)

But mostly it's just schmoop and love and appreciation. YES."

*begs oh so prettily*


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