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Or just ADORE them.

Jensen: He’s like a brother and I love him … We understand each other, even if we look at each other in silence. He sweats a lot and I’m like a mother worried he’ll get sick so I wipe his sweat with a towel I carry around on set. He also eats a lot and usually they close the food area during certain times of the day and sometimes I have my leftovers and I give it to him. I have his back like he has mine. I just wish he was shorter.

From JIB 2012. No record of who tweeted it [found here]

Oh and you know just going to leave these 2 pics here

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Vid: family by hopscotchwaltz

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1. Jared and Jensen got their hair cut together in Rome.

2. APPARENTLY Jared texted Jensen while in England to ask him to send a video for Tom because Tom wouldn’t stop asking about “Unkie Jensen”

That weird noise you hear? ME SQUEALING LIKE THE TOTAL FANGIRL I AM.
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idk what's going on with LJ's layout stuff, but whatever.

A beautiful tidbit on Jared and Jensen at the upfronts yesterday? God. Lovely.

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My cousin who lives at Canada only knows about J2 because every time he visits me I'm watching Spn. And one time he saw them hanging out in some restaurant at Vancouver and apparently they joked and laughed the entire time, Jared stole fries from Jensen's plate and to take revenge Jensen took Jared's straw out of his coke, licked it and put it back in the glass but Jared drank from it anyway. And when they were leaving Jensen opened the door for Jared.


When I worked in Canada they would come into the place I worked and get coffee and Jared would always try to mess with Jensens coffee and Jensen would just roll his eyes and laugh and Jared ALWAYS held the door open for him


I just. *HANDS*
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from an entry on tumblr (here):
my dad saw jared and jen at the airport once. they were sitting and, in my dad's words, "the tall one" was trying to read and "the other" kept pulling jared's beanie down so it would cover his eyes, and they did it for like 15 mins and looked like little kids

Oh god, they are forever my FAAAAAAVES.


Oct. 24th, 2013 08:47 pm
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These gorgeous boys, hot DAMN.

Belongs to [livejournal.com profile] heartsowild

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1. If you've written J2 fic, LINK ME. IDK if I'll get it on my read through to my flist.

2. Still obsessed with Stiles/Derek (I can't say Sterek, it doesn't roll off my tongue haha), what's funny is I haven't shipped an in-show pairing in a WHIIIILE so it's pretty exciting.

3. I've realized that maybe even more than schmoop, I LOVE fics where the characters are broken up (or break up) and work their way to get back together because they are MEANT TO BE. So any recs about that? Send 'em my way! (either pairing)

4. I have to make a huge rec post soon. SIGH. If I ever catch up.

5. From Tumblr:
Also. When I lived in Vancouver and met them a couple of times I could actually see how close they were. They would come into the coffee shop I worked in and sit together and laugh and Jared would always touch Jensens back or try and put extra sugar in his coffee when he wasn’t looking. And Jensen would ALWAYS hold the door open for Jared. I dunno. Their friendship is amazing.
*DIES* (thanks June!)


7. I'm not passing any judgement on SPN yet, I was pleasantly surprised by the first episode. Let's see where it takes us! All I know? THESE BOYS CAN ACT.
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What Jared and Jensen are geeking out over :)

I'm wading my way through Tumblr again - got sucked in because I was SO DAMN BORED.

Still haven't found a job :/

I think I have the samosa smell permanently ingrained in me now because I've been frying them so much!

Umm yeah that's it. I can't embed the video for some reason :/ DAMMIT LJ.

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It’s funny, Jared and I fly back and forth so much, that we don’t sit with each other anymore. Because he likes the left side of the plane and I like the right side of the plane. It’s weird, you fly that much it’s like “No, I like 3F, that’s my seat,” And he’s like “I like 2A.” But we’ll talk, you know, anyway.



I've been trying to catch up on cons (I have this mild OCD of not being able to watch con videos not in order - comic con was an exception because of the J2 nerd hq thing) and I just caught up on Chicago Con 2011 which is what the above thing is. The problem? There are like 2 con videos. Seriously! Anyone know if there are any more?

ALSO. How did I not notice that Jensen's eyes were trained on Jared in this?!

Click on pic for bigger.
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Jensen in Babies-R-Us - I find that all kinds of adorable!!!

From Sam to Daddy in 6 seconds - THE WINK

Jensen's imitation of Val Kilmer in 'The Saint' - His accent FTW

From Dad to Dean in 6 seconds - in case you've been living under a rock ;)
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Oh man, I have to tell you that? My biggest one is procrastination, sigh. Then there's eating everything and anything bad for you (aka lack of self control). I have limited patience sometimes. My sarcasm can get on people's nerves at times. I SUCK at communicating with people - I'm bad about calling others just to check up on them, say hi, etc. I think those are my major ones. Man, I need to work on those.

Anyway, did you see the covers for the SDCC TV Guide magazines? I can't remember if they're going to be on sale everywhere because *grabby hands* The boys look incredible!

Also, the article about Jared and Jensen's Epic Bromance makes me giggle and say 'those are my boys'. Love it!
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Jensen, demonstrating how he would trail rock salt behind him if he found himself in Dean's place.

LOVE them. The Cowboys jersey FTW.

I'm not quite sure what's happening.
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UPDATE: Apparently it's a manip, which, FAIL, but still cute :)
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These past 2 weeks have been filled with much J2 love. LOVE IT.

Yay [livejournal.com profile] wolfpup2000!
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