Mar. 29th, 2015 04:59 pm
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I want to thank [ profile] big_heart_june for filling my flist with lovely nsfw sexy as hell gifs like the one below and for keeping me in the loop with con stuff. That's how I catch up. Which I haven't in about 2 years but details ;)


Also, signal boost for my dear friend [ profile] dolnmoon! Let's help her out here.
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Thank you to the 2 anonymice for the glass heart and the one for the candy hearts ♥

Happy Valentine's Day, y'all! ♥♥♥

I used to kinda hate it, Single's Awareness Day, and all, but I realized it is what we make of it. And I'm making it about hot boys getting together and showering love on my friends *smiiiiiiiiiiiiiish*
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+ Icon. Made for me (and only me) by the wonderful [ profile] morgentau. *draws hearts* No, you can't share *grins*

+ Article sent to me by my cousin entitled 'Transformation and Transcendence: The Power of Female Friendship.' It's really powerful and empowering. You should give it a chance :)

+ So we were discussing sixth grade math on Twitter. It was quite hilarious. I was helping my niece with her hw but couldn't figure out a problem. I tweeted it and got responses from a couple of people, but [ profile] hearditbothways, [ profile] changethemusic, and [ profile] dugindeep are lifesavers! (The problem and solution is here if you're curious. Yay [ profile] dugindeep! haha) So yeah, I need to brush up on math, lol

+ Chuck )

+ I updated the written for fics at the schmoop meme at [ profile] notjustroomates, so check that out :)

+ WIP Meme )

+ Crap. I just realized I have to do the newsletter *facepalm*
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♥ Madison McLaughlin, Krissy in last week's episode, posted a video of her SPN journey. She gushes on the boys at the end, it's adorable.

♥ Take this visual personality test. It's kinda scary how true it is. Based on visuals :D (my results are here!)

spoiler for this week's ep? )

"Choose Life over the other stuff. Get out of your head. Live. Dress up. Eat. Touch people. Help out. Give up. Love people. Give your best away. There’s more. What’s the problem? Relax. You’re going to die. Throw a party. Eat off my plate. Sing to me. Meet me in the bedroom. Get a massage. Give one. Let your amazement out into the room. Pry open the box you hide your joy in. Be a poem." - John Patrick Shanley

♥ I don't know if you know, but [ profile] aleia's college 'verse is one of my favorite fics EVER. Apparently she wrote a little bit of it. A drabble in that 'verse having to do with Jared's parents. Obviously, read her warning, but if you want to read it? Click here! (It's more Sherri and Jensen interaction, but that 'verse!)

[ profile] dephigravity, [ profile] dugindeep, [ profile] transfixeddream, and [ profile] raeschae pretty much made my night on Twitter. It was quite amusing :D

♥ I got a workspace e-mail today. I feel so professional and official. My little school is rising up ;)


Dec. 14th, 2010 05:39 pm
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Click here for a message from me to you ♥

And a message from [ profile] missyjack (uh beware who is peeking behind you!)
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♥ I just wanted to say THANK YOU for everyone who responded to my last post. I feel supremely blessed to have you all and your support for me and my family in my life! I'm not going to reply to those, but you don't even know how touched I feel to be able to consider you all my friends ♡♡♡

♥ So my family fails at planning stuff. While your Orlando replies were helpful, my brother decided not to go in the end :( which means I don't get to meet [ profile] caithream, this makes me SO sad. For his vacation we're gonna do Austin and San Antonio, stay close to home. Maybe we'll do Orlando some other year. Sorry Sarah!

♥ I've been wearing glasses since I was in sixth grade and I've been thinking about contacts. Are the prescriptions different for contacts v. glasses? What brand do you wear/recommend? Is there anything I need to know as a first timer for contacts? Thank you!
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♥ Thanks [ profile] deirdre_c for the footlong ;) I'm sure Jared meant to give that to Jensen, but I'll take it *laughs*

♥ Thank you flist for cheering me up yesterday! I'm usually happy and stuff (hush Rona, I only whine to you bc I love you hahaha), but yesterday was NOT fun. Here's hoping to today goes much better <3

♥ One of my favorite kinds of memes are icon memes! So here's one with icons chosen by [ profile] the_milky_way:
Comment on this post, saying 'I'm Batman!' and I'll pick six of your icons. Then you post at your own journal and talk about those icons, and continue the icon love!

[spn] no guts no glory | b/w
Made by [ profile] lydia_elf and I uploaded this minutes before I commented to Dee, and she picked it haha. I love a lot of things about this icon, but the main thing is that it's b/w and has the colored squares down the side. The pictures chosen as well as the 'no guts, no glory' attracted me as well!
[misc] cupcakes with hearts
Made by [ profile] darklydean. I adore stock icons, and this was one of my favorites that I saw. Cupcakes are one of my favorite things ever and I love the blue hearts on the pink frosting, 2 of my favorite colors. These remind me of love, period. Plus, they always make me hungry ;)
[j²] feet are in love too!
Made by [ profile] marishna. Haha the label makes me smile, I love that their feet are pointed in each other's direction. Magazines always say if a couple is turned in towards each other, they're really in love, you know? I'm not saying the boys are in love in RL, that's fandom me haha. But it's a cute shot, and you automatically know it's J-squared ;)
[j²] kissing drawing
Made by [ profile] bitterbird and the drawing is by [ profile] trolleys. Trolleys is one of my favorite artists in fandom, and this kiss is one of my favorite drawings ever. I begged my flist for an icon, and Robyn made this gorgeous one. I love the texture used, and the drawing is perfect ♥
[j²] soapbox derby
Made by [ profile] andune_85. The Soapbox Derby is one of my favorite J2 outings because it's just so DIFFERENT than their normal cons and such. No real questions or anything, but they're so happy and they're outside and they drove soapboxes! Really, no explanation needed haha
[j²] backs | b/w
Made by [ profile] fromperdition. I think I saw [ profile] selu with this icon and I had uploaded a whiiiiiile back but never onto LJ as an icon and I wanted it haha. I love that it's B/W, that all you see is the backs of the boys (one of my favorite views), and how Jared looks ridiculously tall lol
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30 Day Meme )

Day 02: Something that inspires you
Everything. If we're talking fic wise, absolutely everything. No joke. haha.
If we're talking life wise? Ya'll and my family. The strength, courage, love, and bravery I see on a daily basis is astounding.
The kids I teach also inspire me. They're crazy as anything, but they're not afraid to BE.
My teachers have always inspired me to do better and just BE better.

I saw 'The Back Up Plan' today. spoilers? )

NEW OTH tonight! I've missed my Sophia and Austin fix ;) TEASER: our Big Bang has a heavy Sophia Bush influence!!! Speaking of, Cam wrote this awesome article on how to make it a better show! I agree completely with the 12 steps!

This icon cracks me up and makes me smile ridiculously!

If you haven't seen it yet, I made the threesome rec post HERE


Jan. 7th, 2010 10:29 pm
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What my flist thinks of me ♥

Wordle - Create
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♥ A Poll!
[Poll #1492337]

♥ Who is good at making ringtones or soundbytes? Or can direct me to someone that is and is willing to make some? Or tell me how YOU make them? (Also, do people not make them for every episode? That's sad lol)
I want (for now):
  • 'Bazinga!' from The Big Bang Theory
  • 'Woo Hoo! Four Days Off' or just the 'Woo Hoo' from Jensen in the Breakfast Chicago 09 vid
  • anything else you think I might like :D

- Rounding the Bases by [ profile] crackedbuthappy
NGH. THAT IS ALL. (college AU!!!)
- Nachos and Forever by [ profile] raeschae
Jensen realizes something over Nachos. Ridiculously cute.
- A Very Padackles Thanksgiving by [ profile] timehasa_way
Thanksgiving with the Padalecki's and Ackles'. This was so adorable. Plus, there is Logan and Jensen interaction which is my favorite.
- you're the only anchor i found by [ profile] arlad (part of her pump of the volume!j2 'verse)
OH BOYS. That is all you really need to know :D

♥ Today is the last day of [ profile] mini_nanowrimo and I'm half sad and half ecstatic! haha I'm also going to be pretty proud of myself as long as I get this last fic out :D

♥ I'm kinda stealing this from [ profile] girlmostlikely because, well, it makes me happy. So, some things that make me happy:

the colors pink and turquoise/teal ~ planners ~ gel pens/markers in different colors ~ mechanical pencils ~ thinking about jared and jensen ~ my brain twin ~ peppermint white mochas ~ sunshine on a cool day with clear skies ~ supernatural and everything it's brought me ~ my family ~ the fact that my sis in law is here ~ gorgeous fic ~ pictures of love in some way, shape, or form ~ white chocolate ~ chocolate covered strawberries ~ cookies and milk ~ a sunset/sunrise ~ the moon and stars shining ~ seeing my flist update and catching up with them ~ seeing someone smile ~ making someone smile ~ my friends ~ babies and their giggling ~ finding something in my size that fits me and looks good on me ~ shoes ~ dr. pepper ~ cuddling in bed when it's cold ~ reading a good book ~ seeing how freakin' amazing fandom is on a daily basis ~ finding that perfect icon ~ bookstores ~ buying new books ~ going shopping ~ seeing little boys or girls with their dads ~ seeing true love somehow, somewhere ~ causing someone else genuine happiness

♥ How are YOU doing flist? What's new and going on with you? How was your break? Anything exciting?
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So [ profile] dramaa_princess is an absolute SWEETHEART and made me a Chicago 09 picspam/icon/wallpaper post! It's BRILLIANT and I could stare at it forever and ever!

See it here and flail over her mad skillz <3

Thank you SO much babe!
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You know what I'm thankful for? YOU. ♥

Jared picture for [ profile] lire_casander
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So [ profile] dev_earl is epically awesome right? She writes the most gorgeous fic, makes awesome icons and graphics, got me into fanmixes, and is one of the sweetest people I know. And she's incredible talented! She totally made me 3 new headers.

under the cut )

I am FLAILING at how gorgeous they are! Admire and be jealous ;)

Thank you again babe, these are BRILLIANT! (My fave is the animated one haha ♥)
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So [ profile] _mournthewicked is a total sweetheart right? She writes some of the BEST HS!Boys, the best schmoop, the best sex, pretty much awesome all around! She's also funny and sweet and ADORABLE.

Some not so awesome things have been messing up her week, so [ profile] matalinolukaret and I declare this a LOVE ON CARLY post.

Spam this post with love for Carly, in the form of words, macros, pics, gifs, songs, WHATEVER. Hints of some things she loves: Jared/Jensen, Psych, Supernatural, Misha, James Roday, Matt Nathanson, Andrew McMahon, Disney to name a few!


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So, tonight me and [ profile] potthead went out for dinner at this new (to me) restaurant and it was SO MUCH FUN. I love Joya, she's a sweetheart, hilarious, and can only think about certain body parts on Misha haha.

The food was delicious and the company was even better! I am SO glad I got the chance to actually meet [ profile] potthead and that we do this once a month, at least, because it's so much fun every time!

We did keep texting [ profile] matalinolukaret through it and probably made her super jealous ;) WE STILL LOVE YOU RONA <33333 And soon, okay bb? ♥

So as we were driving home, I saw this little shed on it that said 800-get-asam and started CRACKING UP. I told her and she was all what?! And so we swerved and turned around to take a picture )! I was amused for like 20 minutes :D Still am, actually.

But yeah, fangirls are amazing ♥

Joya, if you're reading this, you better be WRITING as well!!! haha
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You know posting love for other people on the love meme actually CHEERS me up? I love knowing that they'll have a smile on their face, hopefully, after reading it. I've been trying to write lotsa stuff and different ones than usual because I love you all for SO MANY REASONS.

school is going to kick my a$$ this semester. that is all.

p.s. i love you ♥

OH. EPIC LOVE FOR [ profile] bobbinrob TIME

Robyn, you are one of the sweetest, most amazing people I have ever had the pleasure to encounter, online and off. You are one of those people that I can't imagine a day without, and I KNOW my life would be very different (for the worse) if I didn't have you in it.

Babe you are talented, creative, amazing, so damn kind and nice, caring, filled to the brim with love and so much more and I strive to have even a gram of the heart that you do.

I want you to know how much I appreciate you and how very very thankful I am to have you in my life. Thank you for being amazing babe ♥

And I hope your day was AMAZING.

So, a fic: The Ferris Wheel On Top

Hope you like it bb, and had an awesome day ♥
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-> Pretty default ftw ♥

-> I seriously have the best flist ever. I'll answer all comments, but later, because I have tons to do at work today haha

-> I wrote the most ridiculously sappy fic. It was kinda inspired by [ profile] beckaandzac's spooning fic and made me thing of boys cuddling. So this fic is 'spooning through the ages' which was the original title. Then I heard hellogoodbye's song Here in your arms and the title fit: i like where you sleep, when you sleep next to me It's very self-indulgent and makes me melt imagining it haha

-> Also. Older rec of the day: Secrets by Vorabiza. It's always been one of my favorite H/D stories and I'm almost done re-reading it. It's been a glorious experience to remember how talented H/D authors are and how much I did love those boys ♥


Aug. 11th, 2009 12:45 am
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So everyone has been complaining of being bored of LJ lately (me included). So let's do something fun!

Introduce yourself in the comments (Name, Location, Job/School, Favorite food, movie, actor, ANYTHING)

If you find something that catches your eye, start up a conversation and find something interesting to talk about! And maybe, just maybe, you might make a new friend :D
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Stolen from [ profile] megyal
1. Reply to this post if you want me to tell you how cool you are!
2. Watch my journal over the next few days for a post just about you and why you rock my socks!
3. Post these instructions in your journal and give your friends a much needed dose of love and adoration.Do it if you like! No pressure, sweethearts. It's all love.

That's the actual meme, I'm gonna instead make 2-3 posts a day about random people :D

Kris Allen was a substitute teacher, this makes me love that boy even MORE if that were possible!!!

I totally finished season 2 of HIMYM and *draws hearts*!

Ok I'm gonna go and try and find a sparkly layout. Hey [ profile] frances_veritas, I want something similar to yours but I didn't see that design :/ Yours is GORGEOUS.

I have TONS of Big Bangs to catch up on. Awesome :D

So remember that Saved By The Bell AU I wanted? WELL, I was thinking...

THUS. There would be Danneel/Misha in the fic as well as Chad (being an utter dork) and pining after Sophia. IDEK. Stupid fic. I'd do it (or attempt to), but I don't remember SBTB at ALL and I was gonna buy S1 and S2 at, except they aren't carrying it anymore :( SOMEONE DO IT PLEAAAAAASE
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If there is one person or more on your friends list who makes your world a better place just because they exist and who you would not have met (in real life or not) without the Internet, then post this same sentence in your journal.
You make my days shiny ya'll ♥


I'm almost done with season 1 of how i met your mother! one and a half more ep. left :D who can point me to icons?


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